Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour, Oh My God!

*If you recognize the quote, we'll be fast friends. 

How do you start a blog?

It's a question I've been mulling over for a week now.  But I decided it's time to just do the damn thing! Hello interwebz! My blog has officially begun. 

In time, I'm sure we'll become the best of friends.  But until then, I guess ti's kind of my job to convince you that I'm interesting enough to keep you coming back to this blog with the absurdly long URL. 

Things I'll Likely Spend My Time Rambling About:

  • Running (As in, "Weee! I love running even though most people consider if one of the world's cruelest forms of cardio!") 
  • Food (I like to eat. A lot.  Sushi, froyo and guacamole especially.) 
  • Working Out ('Cause #StrongIsTheNewSkinny)
  • Picture Adventures! (I take pictures of pretty much everything.) 
  • Cooking (I'm a work in progress.) 
  • Theater (There's no business like show business!) 
  • PEANUT BUTTER (aka my boyfriend.) 
  • Bucket List (It's in the planning stages.) 
  • #100HappyDays (I started it on Tuesday, March 18. I like being happy). 
Read my words? 


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Who of us hasn't considered how our peers will react to our performance in a given race, whether good or bad? And in those moments, whom are we ultimately running for? The sport is difficult enough as it is; doing it for anyone but ourselves makes it unsustainable.

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