Monday, August 4, 2014


Ask any New Yorker how they feel about brunch, and they will tell you that it is sacred.  I loved brunch before, but now, I have a new obsession: bRUNch.

Myself and two friends from JackRabbit had an amazing morning last month when we woke up, met at the store, ran 7 miles over the bridge to Brooklyn, and had a lovely brunch at the cutest little restaurant on Bedford Ave. Then we took the train back together!

I’m seriously considering starting a bRUNch club…destination runs to fabulous brunches in all the boroughs. Who is in? 


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Who of us hasn't considered how our peers will react to our performance in a given race, whether good or bad? And in those moments, whom are we ultimately running for? The sport is difficult enough as it is; doing it for anyone but ourselves makes it unsustainable.

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