Sunday, September 27, 2015

Six Sunday Links

It’s Sunday morning, which means you’re probably scrolling through your Instagram feed, drooling at #brunch pictures and trying to figure out if you’re craving avocado toast, pancakes, huevos rancheros or all of the above.
Or maybe you’re a normal person who just woke up and sat down to a normal homemade breakfast – nothing wrong with a bowl of Cheerios to start your Sunday (although if you don’t at least slice up some banana with it, I can’t approve).
Either way, here are some Sunday links for you to peruse.
1)        “The Summer That Never Was
The last thing I was is for the temperatures to drop and the mornings to be darker. But Pumpkin Spice Lattes have arrived (along with the new Toasted-Graham Latte) and the first day of fall has official come and gone so I guess it’s time to say so long to summer. Sure, there are things that didn’t get done – a ride on my boat, a Broadway in Bryant Park concert – but this summer was certainly a wonderful one and now it’s time to plan some new adventures. One part of this article really spoke to me – since I’m hoping to make my way out west some day soon!
God, how I long to go out West again someday — to drive some blue highway in Nevada or Utah until there’s absolutely nothing around me, then stop the car, in the middle of the road, maybe, and get out and just stand there, where I can see the horizon in every direction, and smell the air and feel the sun and listen to the silence of the desert. I have this idea that if I could do this, time might hold still for a second, and I would know, for just a moment, what it feels like to be here."

Sound harsh? This was an extremely interesting article from the Chicago Tribune about the culture of snacking in today’s society among children – I remember having snack time in school (we made popcorn and played Nok-Hockey and had weddings for our Beanie Babies)– but now, kids are snacking up to 4 times a day!
We’ve all seen them on Instagram – amazing body transformations all thanks to hard work and healthy habits. On good days, these pictures motivate and inspire us. One bad days, they can make us feel discouraged and defeated. I liked this articles take on before and after photos. Maybe you will too.

And now, some videos!

4) “Workout Wednesdays” with Zach Anner
This guys is funny as hell and also super inspirational. He creates these “Workout Wednesday” Youtube videos despite living with Cerebal Palsy. Each one has a message of positivity!

WHY CANT THIS BE ME!? Ask Peter. I literally sat for like 20 minutes at the Bronx Zoo trying to get the gorillas to NOTICE MEEEEE!

At least I’ll always have the special kiss between Mindy and I in St. Louis…

Let’s end with a feel good story… I think this is amazing, and I’m definitely looking into volunteer opportunities!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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