Friday, May 2, 2014

Flex Friday!


This week, I kicked some butt at the gym, actually sticking to my old routine of focusing on a specific muscle group per day. I love my running and spinning, and can be a little bit of a cardio freak, but I really do enjoy strength training just as much! Don’t be afraid to lift heavy ladies!

For those of you wondering how I break it down:

And I made a decision this week- it’s time to bring back leg day. I haven’t been doing it because when I’m super sore after leg day, I can’t run or spin and that makes me cranky.  But I know that with marathon training coming up, I’m definitely going to need to strengthen my legs to carry me 26.2 miles! So squats, I’m coming for you! 


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Who of us hasn't considered how our peers will react to our performance in a given race, whether good or bad? And in those moments, whom are we ultimately running for? The sport is difficult enough as it is; doing it for anyone but ourselves makes it unsustainable.

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